On this Earth Day, New Kolkata had welcomed its Green Habitants to be a part of a very special event. On 22nd April, the members of the Green Habitant community were invited for the purpose of educating them about the importance of dry waste versus wet waste all other micro activties to promote greenery in their new homes. Apart from that, the visitors were instructed to bring an empty shoe box with which they took the step to build houses for the birds and provide shelter to them.

Plus, they educated the buyers about segregating waste that will eventually promote a clean and hygienic environment. For example, the visitors were advised to use reusable water bottles that will reduce the use of 167 plastic water bottles approximately. The event ended on a good note with a plethora of delicious food, fun activities, and healthy discussion about embracing greenery and upgrading the environment. Come have a look at the event coverage here!

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