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Why to Visit New Kolkata While Looking for Flats in Barrackpore?

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-04-10

New Kolkata comes with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region of North Kolkata. Then why should you check out New Kolkata when you are looking for flats in Barrackpore? To start with, chances are very less that flats in Barrackpore will meet your expectations from a new abode. Hence, finding an apartment in Barrackpore that will meet your needs becomes a tedious task, given the fact that not every region in North Kolkata is in its developing state. Hence, residential projects like New Kolkata plays an important role here. While it will keep the property owners away from the urban mess, New Kolkata will not compromise on modern features. Hence, discover New Kolkata- a benchmark housing project of Alcove Realty with luxurious riverside apartments which no other real estate project in North Kolkata can provide. What's more special? The project will provide you all the modern amenities and facilities within a price range that is unbeatable. Hence, here are the reasons behind checking out New Kolkata by Alcove Realty.

Legitimate Reasons to Check Out the Low-Budget Flats of New Kolkata

Check out the flats in Serampore, Hooghly of New Kolkata as...


the project 'Embraces a Serene Environment'

If you want the quintessential dose of nature in your new abode, New Kolkata is just what you should check out. The project is designed to be constructed adjacent to river Hooghly, thereby bringing future residents of New Kolkata close to nature. Hence, the project is set to bring about a  synergy between natural and luxury aspects under one roof for a lifestyle quite like that of a dream.

the project 'Embraces an Unparalleled Connectivity'

With flats in Serampore, Hooghly region, New Kolkata will keep future residents away from the main city and the urban chaos. However, these low budget flats in Kolkata have given an edge to the concept of connectivity. One of its own kind, the project comes with various commute options- rail, road, metro, and river. And when we say river, it means that the project will bring you the pleasure of availing private jetty with ferry service exclusively designed for future residents of this project. Hence, travel the main city ease if you choose to stay in New Kolkata.

the project 'Embraces Apartments which Shouts Elegance'


New Kolkata will provide you with 1, 2 and 3 BHK low budget flats in Kolkata. These apartments will include a meticulous design along with a classy layout to tune with your contemporary living. These apartments are extremely spacious, thereby facilitating the penetration of natural light in every room. Plus, what stands out to be the showstopper is the riverside apartments overlooking the Ganges, which is not quite possible with the flats in Barrackpore.

the project comes with an 'Excellent Set of Facilities & Amenities'

Apart from providing a well-rounded lifestyle, New Kolkata housing project with riverside apartments will carve out the path to create a string of happy memories. The project consists of an excellent set of amenities and facilities that will provide future residents with a comfortable form of living. Here is the list of facilities & amenities of New Kolkata.

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground

●    Swimming pool with the poolside deck

●    Well-furnished reading room

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall 

●    Pet Park

●    Snack Corner

●    Jogging track and calisthenics workout area

●    Spa and saloon in the clubhouse

●    Plus, there is an underground parking area, power backup, a riverside promenade, Ganga Ghat, etc.

Are you convinced enough to check out New Kolkata even if you are looking for flats in Barrackpore?

With riverside apartments bringing nature close to your lifestyle and modern features updating the same, New Kolkata deserves all your attention. Get ready to purchase your dream apartment that too within your budget, before these low budget flats in Kolkata get booked by others. Furthermore, it is one of the few projects to receive its HIRA REGISTRATION NO: HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000020.

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