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Why Book Riverside Flats with New Kolkata? [Listen to Proud Owners]

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-05-28

As per the blog topic, have you wondered why New Kolkata’s riverside apartments are the most suitable choice of residence?

First and foremost, the developer behind this residential project is Alcove Realty. These builder is responsible for some of the top-rated apartments that have generated a lot of buzz from homebuyers. From low budget flats in Kolkata to ultra-luxury apartments, their projects reach all strata of the society for an upgraded living experience. Infusing the essence of style and comfort into each of their projects, one can truly find bliss with the contributions of these builders.

This upcoming project, New Kolkata, has its origins from a simple idea – to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the company of a high-end lifestyle in the city. Tapping the region of North Kolkata, Alcove’s flats in Serampore, Hooghly, will be in close proximity to the holy Ganges. Also being an IGBC-certified Green building, the advantage of this upcoming riverside project will entail one to numerous health benefits such as pure oxygen and fresher quality of breeze. This alone is a desired quality of many homes in the city.

Not only that, but the goodness of nature is set to be perfectly balanced with a modern set of amenities at this township. Ranging from a swimming pool to a home theatre, New Kolkata will be equipped to handle the needs of each of its residents in Serampore. Spacious apartments, advanced facilities, eco-friendly ambience - what more could you desire?

Alcove Realty’s New Kolkata – The Perfect Housing Solution



Thanks to Alcove, homebuyers can receive all the mentioned benefits at a budget-friendly price. These flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs are sure to take your breath away once you see it with your own eyes. That being said, let us see what some of the residents had to say about this riverside project.

Sudeep Mondal had booked his future dream flat in New Kolkata and is now a proud owner of his own riverside apartment. He explains his reasons for choosing this particular project. He states that the placement of the project beside the Ganga and its blissful view caught his attention. He also praises the exclusive ferry service - a unique facility offered by projects and points out how these low budget flats in Kolkata possess world-class amenities.



New Kolkata offers a promise of a better style of living away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The peaceful setting of Serampore will work wonders for you, infusing the joys and bliss of daily living. With a wide range of facilities and activities to choose from, there is a 0% chance of boredom at this township. One can find top-notch amenities that come with these flats in Serampore, Hooghly:

●    AC indoor games arena for pool, table tennis, etc.
●    Well-furnished reading room
●    Riverside promenade
●    Landscaped garden and waterbody
●    Hall for multipurpose activities such as dance and karaoke
●    Outdoor amphitheatre for cultural programmes, lessons, etc.
●    Outdoor meditation and yoga space
●    Outdoor children’s play area 
●    Calisthenics’ workout area
●    Pet park for outdoor experiences 
●    Gym facilities with changing rooms & lockers
●    AC home theatre with surround sound system up to 75 people
●    AC indoor kids’ & toddlers’ playing zone
●    Stage for puja and other functions

Truly, the facilities that New Kolkata provide are beyond comparison. A swimming pool, home theatre, indoor games zone for children, a hall for multi-purpose activities, etc. are present for the residents of these flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs.

Here’s what one of the proud owners of New Kolkata had to say -



Recognizing the project through a newspaper advertisement, Subhojyoti Dutta from Jamshedpur came to visit New Kolkata. He decided to choose this project because of several reasons:

●    Developers of the project were Alcove Realty
●    Good connectivity with GT Road
●    The view of the Ganges from apartments
●    The private ferry and jetty service
●    Cost-effectiveness of the riverside apartments

Another future resident, by the name of Ananya Banerjee Adhikari, who is a teacher from Asansole, also saw something fascinating with this project. She was impressed by the fact that one could now choose to live by the river with the view of the Ganges and was equally impressed by the private ferry and jetty service that the project has to offer.



As you can see, the future residents themselves agree about the splendid nature of New Kolkata’s riverside apartments at a cost-effective price. Overlooking the scenic beauty of the Ganges, one can experience the company of unadulterated air and the cooling sensation of the breeze in your comfort zone. As a result, families can be a part of a home that promotes better health among its members.

It is evident from these that New Kolkata has indeed got it all – splendid facilities, a highly-attractive location, riverside apartments, and above all, the serene atmosphere of the Ganges. There are not many riverside projects in the city that offer a combination of all the above. Alcove Realty will successfully infuse these together to create a remarkable project for an unparalleled living experience.

New Kolkata’s flats in Serampore, Hooghly await your presence.

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