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Upcoming Riverside Project to Book Housing Complex in Uttarpara

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-08-02

Do you desire to invest in a housing complex in Uttarpara? You have probably started with your research for the same but unable to find one meeting all your requirements? Given the fact that Uttarpara is not quite a developed region, coming across a residential project to meet all your requirements is not an easy task. However, the entrance of young real estate brands in the Kolkata real estate market is changing the story.

One such real estate brand that deserves all the good words is Alcove Realty. Established in the year 2012 under the supervision of its CEO, Mr.Amarnath Shroff, this brand has always taken the task to change the city's skyline seriously. This time they have tapped on Serampore, to come up with riverside flats in Kolkata and many revolutionary features within a price range that is unbeatable. While Uttarpara might not be able to provide you with your dream abode, move a bit further and explore this residential project with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region.

New Kolkata- The Destination to Treat Yourself with Riverside Flats in Kolkata

Why should you check out New Kolkata, a residential project in Serampore by Alcove when you intend to invest in a housing complex in Uttarpara? Here are the reasons.

Apartment Specifications- Reflecting Elegance

The low-cost flats in Kolkata under New Kolkata deserve appreciation. The layout and the design simply give rise to a fine interior, that will leave you awestruck. With modernized specifications at every corner, elegance is waiting to welcome you in the apartments of New Kolkata. Additionally, the apartments are close to nature, thereby promoting the entrance of natural air and light in every room. Experience these traits with the 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments within a price range of 14.85 lakhs to 27.3 lakhs, which is a complete steal!

What's more?

You'll come across the pure essence of serenity the Ganga facing flats of the New Kolkata. Indulge in the magical view of the Ganga with these riverside flats in Kolkata which no project in Kolkata will be able to provide.

Project Connectivity- It's Incredible

Did you ever think that a residential project in Kolkata will be able to provide you with private jetty and ferry service?

New Kolkata with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region is all set to provide you with one. Experience the fun of private jetty and ferry service which a housing complex in Uttarpara won't be able to provide you. Additionally, the project is connected by rail, road, and metro that will facilitate a smooth traveling to the heart of the city.

Project Location- Excellent

Since it is positioned in Serampore, New Kolkata is not far from Uttarpara. Hence, if you are looking for a housing complex in Uttarpara, you can definitely check out New Kolkata. You'll get to experience the quintessential dose of nature surrounding your abode. Away from the urban chaos, let nature blend in your modern lifestyle for a peaceful time after a hectic day.

Facilities & Amenities- Uncountable

These riverside flats in Kolkata is a pool of facilities and amenities that will give a fresh start to your lifestyle from the very first dive.

It consists of features like:

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and outdoor playing ground 

●    A swimming pool with the poolside deck 

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall 

●    Spa and saloon present in the clubhouse 

●    Diagnostic center with a doctor's chamber

●    Pharmacy along with world-class amenities

●    Apart from that, the other amenities include an underground parking area, power backup, DTH service, landscaped garden area, 24-hour CCTV surveillance, rainwater harvesting, shopping complex, a riverside promenade, etc

Hence, you have all the legitimate reasons to invest in New Kolkata. These low-cost flats in Kolkata provide you with features which residential projects in Uttarpara will not be able to provide. One of its own kind, New Kolkata will meet all your requirements and provide you a lifestyle which is worth the investment.

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