Budget Flats in Serampore Hooghly

Residential Project to Book Affordable Flats [New Kolkata]

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-03-17

The consensus of real estate builders is abiding by the study which shows there may be substantial demand in affordable mid-market homes in Kolkata. Amidst all passing trends, Low budget boutique flat is sure to stay and grow. Where even the agricultural produce was not spared by inflation, getting decent apartments and flats for sale in Kolkata within 15 lakhs seemed a dream. But is the situation still same? Hell no!

The population boom and the demand for an affordable residential project are directly proportional. Apart from all the general amenities the real estate planners in West Bengal are providing a prime location, 24-hour concierges, top-tier infrastructure for club-houses, the high-end residential developers are now reinforcing the idea of luxury in new ways. Boutique residences as they call, the infrastructure now includes special services like vertical gardening, infinity pool, pet parks, different tie-ups with hotels, and so on.

It often becomes quite strenuous to find the correct flats for sale in Kolkata and the area around, that suits your budget and matches up to your requirements for amenities. With so many projects and townships in play, it becomes difficult to streamline your search and land upon the home of your dreams. However, the upcoming projects in Serampore, the iconic town representing the cultural heritage of West Bengal, are merging the essence of the colonial beauty of the city Kolkata with new age landscape designing. After hearing all your doubts and working upon your wishes, Alcove’s New Kolkata presents you the best flat price in Serampore, Kolkata and is, therefore, the masterpiece in the affordable housing category!

Why is “New Kolkata” THE residential project to book your dream flat?

Coming back to your home after a long day of work is possibly the best feeling in the world. And New Kolkata provides you exactly that. A well-connected township near Serampore, Kolkata, it has set a new benchmark in the economic flats category. With state of the art riverside complex, they have infinity pools, a huge range of snack parlors by the banks of Ganga, shopping mall, well-provisioned administration, multiplexes apart from other basic amenities.

If this didn’t surprise you then the following will:

1. Budget Residences: The luxury flats in New Kolkata provide unbelievable flat prices in Serampore, Kolkata.  Starting from 14.3 lakhs, it is a budget wonder and with amazing connectivity Alcove’s New Kolkata is definitely an ideal place to stay.

2. 4-way communication: “Stay Connected”- is what they believe in and what better way to execute it than by providing a four-way connectivity to its inhabitants: road, railway, metro and river. For what it’s worth: you can enjoy ferry services exclusively when you come for site visits! (The details of which are mentioned below)

3. Private Ferry Service: While the rest of the world the only option to commute is on wheels, but the residents of New Kolkata are surely provided with a royal service and how! With their own private jetty, the residents have been offered their own private ferry services for the cross-water commute.

How to book site visits?

New Kolkata has the facility of site visits, allowing you to visit the location and get a feel of the area and the heritage that Serampore has to offer! Site visits can be booked directly on the website where you may avail of the ferry service that is exclusive to New Kolkata for a luxury sail down the Hooghly to the project site. Site visits occur at several times during the week and during the weekend as well, so if you’re busy or miss one day, not to worry New Kolkata is here to help!

Kolkata, known for its old world charm, is finally progressing towards healthy and luxury living. Hope you are able to locate your dream house at your choice of spending soon.