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Residential Complex to Book 2 BHK Flats in Serampore, Hooghly!

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-09-10

Serampore is gaining popularity among real estate companies, as we find most of the luxury apartment projects coming up in this locale. There are genuine reasons for the popularity of this region.

affordable flats in KolkataSerampore is developing at a fast pace and to our surprise, the region is growing with projects and features which will provide their future residents an easy lifestyle.

However, does that necessarily indicate the fact every residential project have this feature?

Truthfully, NO!

While some residential projects in Serampore will have a good location, others may come with an excellent set of amenities, while the third one may provide you with affordable options. But most of us will need and want all three of these features under one project.

Which one should you choose? Is there any residential project that will be the perfect answer to all our requirements?

While browsing through the residential projects in Serampore, we came across the New Kolkata riverside project and on a serious note, nothing beats this project in terms of:

# Location

# Price

# Apartment Specifications

# Project Amenities

Curious to learn more about the project? Read further to satisfy your curiosity.

Let Nature and Luxury Blend in Your Lifestyle!

The project has a perfect synergy of traditional features and luxury, that will provide you with a lifestyle beyond the realistic expectation. It therefore has the best of both worlds.

Capture the pure essence of nature with your days in New Kolkata as these flats in North Kolkata are nestled by their  natural environment. It will keep you away from the typical urban scenario, thereby always keeping your mind fresh and rejuvenated.

Plus, the presence of the Ganga facing flats is a sheer mark of luxury which is within an affordable range. We love how the New Kolkata riverside flats will treat your eyes with a soothing scenic beauty that will work on brightening up even a hectic day. Furthermore, the New Kolkata riverside flats or the Ganga facing apartments are exquisitely designed with spacious rooms and large windows, to allow you to interact with nature. Additionally, the project comes with 1 and 2 BHK flats in the Serampore, Hooghly region along with 3BHK apartments ranging from 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs. What else can a person ask for more than luxurious apartments in an economic price range?

Or should we say, one can ask for more?

What about the apartment features? Well, the New Kolkata riverside project by Alcove Realty did not forget about that! The project has a treasure of features like:

# swimming pool with poolside deck

# well-furnished reading room

# an outdoor meditation and yoga hall

# Hi-tech multi gym

# jogging track and walkways

# calisthenics' workout area

# AC indoor game arena

# an outdoor amphitheater for cultural programmes and much more

Apart from that, Alcove has taken a step with the New Kolkata riverside project by providing the residents with a cleaner and greener environment. The project is pre-certified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) which will educate the residents about adopting eco-friendly habits into their lives and keeping their surroundings clean.

What else comes with this project that makes it unique among the other?

The Connectivity!

How can we even overlook this feature? It is important as most of the flats in North Kolkata or greater Kolkata lack in this aspect. However, New Kolkata is very different.

The project comes with four-way connectivity- rail,  road, river, and metro. We were especially attracted to the private jetty with ferry services that will carry only the residents of New Kolkata to their desired location while the rest of the Kolkata will travel on wheels.

So, what is your opinion about buying flats in North Kolkata? Is it a worthwhile decision to execute? While every project may not fulfill all your requirements, we bet the New Kolkata riverside project will turn the tables on your expectations and provide you with a home which was a dream until now.

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