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Reasons to Book Your 1st Riverside Apartment Before 15th June

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-06-13

A city that is backed by a strong cultural, literary and religious flavor, Kolkata represents the meeting point of tradition and modernity. Some of its buildings are more than a hundred years old, some even possess the privilege of being called landmarks. While Kolkata is a city of enduring charm, it is also a city that evokes extreme emotions. Even as it has adapted to the modern trends and techniques of today’s world, it is a city that retains its old-world charm.

The city symbolizes creativity and vibrancy. With time, it has equipped itself with contemporary civic amenities and increased development. Aided by better infrastructure and transport facilities, one can now buy low budget flats in Kolkata in various parts of the city. More development fosters more range of choices for investment in real estate. As a result, many areas outside the main city are looking more attractive and promising.

If you have given the slightest thought of residing in the cultural capital of India, there are many builders and projects that will look after your needs. However, why not try searching for a riverside apartment?

Why should you buy a riverside apartment in Kolkata?

●    Fresher quality of air
●    Magnificent view of the river
●    More interaction with nature
●    Better sleep patterns
●    Promotes healthy activities like jogging, cycling, etc
●    Elevates moods and promotes serenity

Are you planning to buy a riverside apartment which maintains its distance from the greater population and city noise?

Why not check out New Kolkata for that matter?

New Kolkata presents Riverside Flats in Kolkata within 20 Lakhs

Looking for low budget flats in Kolkata?

Alcove Realty presents New Kolkata, a well-connected township in Serampore with the best facilities any residential complex can offer. It can be considered an urban oasis amidst lush greenery and the presence of the Ganges. It is not just affordable and luxurious, but New Kolkata is a convenient and accessible riverside complex.

It is connected to main Kolkata through the land as well as the river. New Kolkata has their very own private jetty, ready to offer the residents dedicated ferry services across the river. Unlike other real estate companies, New Kolkata from Alcove Realty offers almost 5000 flats in Serampore, Hooghly.

With its unique facilities and amenities, New Kolkata is a miniature city that is one of a kind. The 3,00,000 sq. feet built-up area comprises its own clubhouse, central green zone, commercial shopping zone, and a variety of common utilities and services at the site location.

Reasons to book your 1st Riverside Apartment with New Kolkata

Value for money

The cost plays the most important role behind a purchasing decision. New Kolkata presents riverside apartments at an affordable cost of living. You can find three categories of apartments at this residential complex.


Super built-up area: 540 sq. ft. - Rs. 14, 80, 000

A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and toilet along with a balcony.


Super built- up area: 549 sq. ft. - Rs. 14,80,00

 A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and toilet along with a balcony.


Super built-up area: 884 sq. ft.

 – Rs. 23,70,000

 Two bedrooms, two toilets, a living and dining room and kitchen along with a balcony.


Super built-up area: 1040 sq. ft.

 – Rs. 27,30,000

Three bedrooms, two toilets, a living and dining room and kitchen along with a balcony.


However, these flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs are set to increase from the 15th of June onwards. Thus, it is best to try and book your residential apartments from New Kolkata as soon as possible!

Beneficial location for residents

It is important to reside at a property which is within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and retail centres. New Kolkata offers flats in Serampore, Hooghly, which is well - connected and is easily accessible to essential provisions outside its doors.

These necessary provisions are located near the township:

Educational Institutes

●    Serampore College
●    Government College of Engineering & Textile School 
●    Mahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Vidyalaya 
●    DPS North 

Entertainment Zones

●    New Kolkata Plaza (on site).
●    Serampore Big Bazar 
●    Forum Rangoli 
●    City Center II 

Health Care Facilities

●    Relife Hospital 
●    Serampore ESI Hospital
●    Disha Eye Hospital

Effective modes of transportation

You can avail multiple benefits because of its four-way connectivity - road, rail, river, plus the proposed Dakshineswar metro nearby. The residents of New Kolkata will have their very own private ferry, which will carry them to their preferred destinations via river. The ferries will journey from Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineshwar.

Amenities & Facilities

These flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs come embellished with a good set of amenities. With New Kolkata, one can find an exceptional range of facilities such as:

●    Swimming Pool
●    Changing rooms with shower area & locker facility.
●    AC Indoor gaming arena for kids
●    Ultra- modern gymnasium
●    Community hall for multipurpose activities
●    AC Home Theatre with surround sound system

They also have:

●    Outdoor meditation & yoga Space
●    Outdoor Amphitheatre for cultural programme, laughing classes etc.
●    Jogging Track / Walkways
●    Cycling Track
●    Pet Park

New Kolkata effortlessly offers the necessary attributes to modern living. You will find no shortage of vital provisions in the vicinity – be it for educational or health purposes. The location is also suitable for daily transportation, making daily life as convenient as possible.

These riverside apartments present an overall benefit for anyone looking to buy low budget flats in Kolkata. With a splendid mixture of location, amenities, transportation and health benefits, New Kolkata will always continue to stand out.

Prices stand to increase from the 15th of June. Hurry!

Book your dream flat today!

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