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Property in North Kolkata to Book Flats within 15 Lakhs

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-03-20

The spell of traditional charm of the city is spread across the landscape and mixed in the air of North Kolkata. Embodying the vintage Kolkata, every nook and corner of the region is ornamented with features that separate this portion of the town from the rest of the city. Those deep-fried evening snacks, kids playing cricket in the narrow lane, old houses with huge open areas, hand-pulled rickshaw and small tea-stalls giving rise interesting discussion sessions are the key features of North Kolkata.


But what if we try to mix vintage and modern aspects on one platform? Will the result destroy the true personality of the region? We guess No! While it is true that North Kolkata is all about the old-world beauty, 2019 calls for some modernity into it. Hence, at Alcove, we have decided to provide a contemporary property in North Kolkata that will equip the region with its dose of makeover. Are you eager to learn about the property? Stay hooked to the blog unwind the secret.

New Kolkata- Heaven on Earth with 1BHK Flats in Kolkata

Discover New Kolkata- a recent venture of Alcove Realty that is making sure to mix nature, luxury, modern aspects and traditional Kolkata in one plate. A place that will bring paradise close to the earth, if you are seeking for low budget flats in Kolkata with luxury features, New Kolkata is just what you need to check out.

To start with, this property in North Kolkata will provide you apartments with features that will arrest your attention in no time. With the quest to actualize the concept of affordable luxury, Alcove have infused the apartments of New Kolkata with elegance, plush features and comfort to provide a worthwhile stay. However, we got attracted to the 1BHK apartments more than that of 2 and 3 BHK low budget flats in Kolkata.

But why the 1BHK apartments of all?


Most of the 1BHK apartments of any residential project are small and congested which do not give rise to a comfortable stay. However, these 1BHK flats in North Kolkata with 15 lakhs are different. The apartments are spacious with the presence of  large windows to interact better with nature. Though it is a 1BHK apartments, the layout is so sharp and spacious that one will be able to breathe freely. Apart from that, grandeur and elegance are the two elements which completes the apartments with finesse. You’ll get these 1BHK flats in Kolkata within 14.8 lakhs that will not even break your bank. Plus, a lot of these 1BHK apartments are facing the Ganga to provide you with a breathtaking view to the other side of the window.

Apart from that, there are other aspects which defines the name of the project ‘New Kolkata’. It is a mini town that will provide the future residents with all the necessities, thereby reducing their requirement to step of the premise. Do not believe us? Then check out these add-on features!

Features Enabling New Kolkata to Stand Out

Location of the project is one praiseworthy feature of this property in North Kolkata. These low budget flats in Kolkata are constructed on the banks of river Hooghly, amidst a tranquil surrounding. Away from the overcrowded city environment, the New Kolkata project will bring you close to nature to provide you with peaceful days. However, the project is well connected by road, river, metro, and rail that will promote a smooth traveling to any corner of the city. You can also avail the private jetty with ferry service to reach your destination.

However, the luxurious lifestyle under this property in North Kolkata can be juxtaposed to a healthy surrounding as well. New Kolkata is pre-certified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), thereby providing an eco-friendly living environment to the future residents for a healthy lifestyle.

Surprisingly, that's not where the features of this property in North Kolkata ends. The project consists of other luxurious facilities which will leave you wonderstruck.

Spread over an area of 300,000sq. feet vast land, these low budget flats in Kolkata will provide the future residents with amenities and facilities like:

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground for children.

●    A swimming pool with the poolside deck 

●    A reading room 

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall 

●    Spa and saloon in the clubhouse 

●    A home theatre- the 

●    Administration hall along with a banquet hall 

●    Kitchen and cafeteria 

●    A Pet Park 

●    Apart from that, the other amenities include an underground parking area, power backup, DTH service, landscaped garden area, 24 hours CCTV surveillance, rainwater harvesting, etc.

Thus, we can conclude that the New Kolkata with flats in North Kolkata within 15 lakhs will bring a perfect blend of nature and luxury in your lifestyle. With the low budget flats in Kolkata along with a lush green environment, get ready to lead a contemporary lifestyle under the umbrella of New Kolkata.

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