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Only Riverside Project to Book Low Budget Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-05-13

Who doesn’t wish to reside in an apartment with a riverside scenery? We pay extravagantly in order to enjoy the same view when we pre-book our hotels for a vacation.

Now imagine being entitled to a similar view such as from an apartment overlooking the mighty Ganges for the rest of your lives. Doesn’t it seem like a dream come true?

Alcove Realty has tapped on this concept and has surprised us yet again with its latest upcoming project - New Kolkata. This project promises to deliver a balanced lifestyle with the romantic roots of nature combined with contemporary utilities to its prospective residents. One of the best developers in Kolkata, Alcove ensures an international standard of living at an affordable price. It doesn’t take much for one to be convinced about investing in these low budget flats in Kolkata due to a host of reasons.

There are not many housing complexes that promise the exquisite view of the waves of holy river amidst the chaos of the metropolitan life. Alcove harps on this concept to provide its future residents with the apartment of their dreams. It has made possible what other real estate agents could only ponder about providing - Riverside apartments!

Switch on Your Vacation Mode with This Riverside Real Estate Project!


If there is any real estate project you should invest in, it should undoubtedly be New Kolkata due to the sole reason that one gets to wake up to the breathtaking view of holy river Ganges. Located in Serampore, Hooghly region in North Kolkata, this upcoming residential project offers the perfect mix of nature and luxury.

Here is a list of reasons as to why riverside apartments are the only real estate projects you should invest in:


●    Stress-free life- The rhythm of the waves will have a soothing effect on your mind, erasing all apprehensions you have regarding work. The stunning view of the river will steal your worries away and lead you to relax in the meditative atmosphere.

●    Health check- The cool breeze from the floor to ceiling windows will definitely rejuvenate your senses. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, one is motivated to indulge in healthy habits such as jogging or taking an early morning walk due to the picture perfect view.

●    Lead a Greener life- Living in a green environment promotes eco-friendly behaviour. One is prompted to take steps to maintain the cleanliness and lush greenery of the residential project. 

●    Life is never boring- A life in a riverside apartment is devoid of boredom! You’ll find the perfect getaway from the monotonous routine of your mundane life here. Whether it is watching ferries come and go, or enjoying a cup of your favourite beverage amidst nature, New Kolkata is the place to live in.

●    Exclusivity- One can count the number of real estates that classify as riverside projects on their fingers. Moreover, developed by a reputed builder such as Alcove Realty, housing complexes such as these are difficult to find. 

●    Travel effortlessly- Also, another perk of having an apartment near a river is that you get interesting commute options. You can experience the private jetty with ferry services that are not available with other residential projects. 

These are some of the exclusive benefits one will be entitled to if they invest in a riverside project. New Kolkata is one of the low budget flats in Kolkata that provides all the above-mentioned features.

With impressive decor and alluring interior designs, one can only ponder over the attractiveness of this world-class residential complex. You might cook up a huge figure given the equally long list of ultra-modern amenities and locational advantages it has to offer. However, it will come as a surprise that these flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs are quite cost-effective, given their awe-inspiring features. 

The Following Are the Specifications of Riverside Apartments in New Kolkata:




1 BHK apartment

Flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs

Built Up area: 405 sq ft/ 412 sq ft


Super Built Up area: 540 sq ft/ 549 sq ft.

2 BHK apartment

Flats in kolkata within 25 lakhs

Built Up area: 663 sq ft


Super Built Up area: 884 sq ft

3 BHK apartment

Flats in kolkata within 30 lakhs

Built Up area: 780 sq ft


Super Built Up area: 1040 sq ft


The budget-friendly price for the spectacular view along with the multifold amenities seem something out of a fairy tale. Here are some of the facilities that can be enjoyed exclusively by New Kolkata residents:


●    Club house facilities- Swimming Pool with poolside deck, A Hall for Multipurpose activities like Karaoke, Dance Classes, Cooking etc, Hi-tech Multi Gym with changing rooms & lockers, AC Home Theatre with surround sound system, seating capacity of 50-75 people and many more

●    Outdoor facilities- Outdoor Amphitheatre for cultural program, laughing classes etc, Landscaped Waterbody with Fountains & Lightings, Calisthenics’ workout area, Riverside Promenade including Ghat etc.

●    Common Utilities and Services- Private Jetty & ferry service, Garbage dumping point/space, Common Toilets & Shower area for driver’s / domestic help, Provision of DTH connection and many more.

●    Eco- friendly facilities-  Water Filtration / Treatment Plant, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Solar-powered features in common areas, Rain Water Harvesting.

●    Neighbourhood Commercial Zone-  Banquet Hall with dedicated kitchen & toilets, Spa & Salon, Daily Convenience Store, Diagnostic Centre with doctor’s chamber and many more

Additionally, the prime location of New Kolkata makes it a dream destination for any property buyer or investor. Covering 300,000 sq.feet area with 5000 apartments, this residential apartment is connected by 4 mediums, namely, road, rail, river and metro. It has close proximity to Rishra railway station, Serampore Railway station, as well as the upcoming Dakshineswar metro link.

Given the high quality of amenities, it is hardly a revelation that New Kolkata is the only riverside project worthy of booking low budget flats in Kolkata. Pre-certified by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) this project will provide the future residents with an eco-friendly living environment. Thus, this Alcove Realty project has you covered on all fronts at a price that is unbeatable in the city.

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