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IGBC Certified Eco-Friendly Housing Project on the Bank of Hooghly

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2020-03-30

In today’s world, people are more conscious of preserving the environment. Real estate developers are also playing an active role when it comes to preserving nature and the immediate environment. An eco-friendly home is one such way of achieving this. That is precisely why real estate developers are creating IGBC certified buildings that allows for a sustainable and green environment.

Through this, a great number of natural resources and energy can be saved. At the same time, they help in providing better air quality and superb natural light for residents. When you choose a green building, you choose a better lifestyle that leaves no harmful impact on the environment. Real estate developers are using features such as solar-powered lighting and rainwater harvesting among other facilities for a better standard of living.

One such notable project is New Kolkata with its flats in Hooghly. Standing proudly as the tallest residential project in Serampore, it perfectly balances the need for sustainable living and high quality of life. This 28-acre township is known for its benefits to human health as well as to the environment surrounding it, which is why New Kolkata Prayag is an IGBC- pre-certified platinum project.

Here’s what to expect with this spectacular residential project.

Features of New Kolkata and its Riverside Apartments in Serampore


The positioning of New Kolkata in Serampore is perfect for modern living. This is not just because of the abundance of schools and hospitals nearby. It is because of the fact that the location is also known for being peaceful and serene. Its location helps to provide relaxation from city life without losing the essence of the city.

What’s more, one can enjoy splendid sights of the holy river along with the fresh air that surrounds it. This project easily stands out from others since it allows its residents to travel via river. With a private jetty and ferry service, New Kolkata ensures that you commute to work taking in the sights and sounds of the holy Ganges.

Here’s more of what you can find with these flats in Serampore, Hooghly.

Complete Safety and Security Inside

New Kolkata is a gated community that assures each of its residents is safe behind its walls. With modern facilities such as 24/7 CCTC surveillance and modern equipment and measures for fire-fighting and fire safety in compliance with norms, your well-being is always held as a priority.

Well-designed Homes for Comfortable Living

New Kolkata offers 1, 2 and 3 BHK riverside apartments that are created with emphasis on air circulation, ventilation and natural light inside. Being low budget flats in Kolkata, you get great value for money when you consider the well-designed layouts of its homes. You can expect simple and functional apartments at New Kolkata for an easy and comfortable living experience.

City Life Away from the City


Being a self-sufficient project, New Kolkata brings all the convenience and comforts of city life to the region of Serampore. With its very own commercial facility called New Kolkata Triveni that takes care of all your lifestyle requirements without you having to travel far and wide. It comes equipped with a Multiplex, fine dining outlets, retail stores, healthcare services and much more to cater to all your needs.

3-way Connectivity for a Seamless Commute

connectivity to main city

We can all agree that transportation plays a huge role in life, which is exactly why New Kolkata makes this so much easier for its residents. Offering easy connectivity over road, rail and river, one can commute with convenience here from these flats in Serampore, Hooghly.

Proximity to the Holy Ganges

These flats in Hooghly, are situated by the holy Ganges which is a dream come true for many homebuyers in Kolkata. The private ghat by the river allows residents to enjoy the tranquil serenity of the holy river. Expect a lifetime of peace and comfort when you opt for these riverside apartments.

Top Selection of Amenities for Residents

At New Kolkata, there is a thoughtful set of facilities and activities for one’s entertainment and relaxation. Whether a peaceful dip in the pool or an intense game of table tennis, there is something for everyone at Serampore’s largest clubhouse by the Ganges.

Created by the prestigious Alcove Realty, one can expect only the best when they choose New Kolkata. While catering to the need for modern living, this builder also ensures that it conserves natural resources and creates healthier spaces for its residents. In keeping with the concept of eco-friendly homes, apartments come with facilities such as solar-powered lighting, rainwater harvesting, a water filtration plant and a sewage treatment plant inside. Hence, this project is truly sustainable without compromising on the features of an advanced lifestyle.

Be it the quality of life or the need for eco-friendly living, New Kolkata is one destination that has it all.

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