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Find Properties in North Kolkata to Buy 1 BHK Flats

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-09-06

The real estate scenario of North Kolkata is changing. The entry of the new real estate developers are brainstorming ideas to give the City of Joy a new identity.

City of Joy - North KolkataWhile South Kolkata got its makeover a long time back, these young and fresh real estate brands are in the mood to provide North Kolkata with its share of a makeover. If you carefully examine the upcoming or work-in-progress residential projects, you will find that 80% of these projects are situated in North Kolkata.

But, why most of the real estate developers are choosing to shift North Kolkata?

# First, there is a sheer lack of space in South Kolkata to support a grand residential project.

# Second, the flats in South Kolkata are generally quite expensive and may not prove to affordable by the middle-class section of the society. The same project one will get in North Kolkata at an affordable rate.

# Third, since North Kolkata is in its developing state, it is wise to own a property in that region. It is because it holds the potential to develop in the future years with features which might not be present in South Kolkata projects.

# Lastly, if you wish to stay by nature and avoid the typical urban chaos, nothing beats the properties in North Kolkata, which are being constructed amidst the serene natural atmosphere.

But again, as we have mentioned earlier, a lot of real estate Kolkata projects are coming up at North Kolkata, each beating the other owing to specific aspects.

So, which One to Choose Among all the Properties in North Kolkata?

We bet, nothing beats the New Kolkata residential project with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region ranging from 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs. However, if you are of the opinion that the apartments are expensive, allow us to change your mindset.

To start with, the project comes with 1,2 and 3 BHK flats in Serampore, Hooghly region with an interior and structural layout worth your attention. Each apartment is a sheer work of art oozing elegance from every corner. Plus, the presence of spacious rooms, large windows and modern apartment aspects like open kitchen define the structural layout of the flats. They are sure to tune in well with your modern form of living.

Plus, the Ganga facing flats in this real estate Kolkata project is the showstopper. Allow nature mingle in your daily lifestyle with the riverside flats of New Kolkata, thereby always keeping your mind fresh and treating your eyes with a breathtaking view out of the window. Hence, if you are looking for a 1BHK flat in Serampore, what can be the better option than owning an apartment here.

1 BHK Flats in Serampore

However, that not where it all Ends!

The real estate Kolkata project in Serampore comes with best in class facilities that will upgrade your lifestyle in no time. Trust us! We are not exaggerating. Let's go short here rather than making you wait to learn about the facilities.

If you are looking to relax, indulge in...

swimming pool with a poolside deck, well-furnished reading room, an outdoor meditation and yoga hall, spa and saloon.

If you are looking to stay fit, indulge in...

Hi-tech multi gym, jogging track and walkways, cycling track, calisthenics' workout area.

If you don't care about staying fit and want to gobble down delicious food, indulge in...

Food court, restaurant, kitchen and cafeteria, snack-corner.

If you want your kids to have fun, let them indulge in...

Kid's pool, indoor space, outdoor playing ground.

If you want some entertainment, indulge in...

A hall for multipurpose activities, AC indoor game arena, an outdoor amphitheater for the cultural programme, multiplex.

Apart from that, the project comes with facilities like underground parking area, a DTH service, landscaped garden area, and rainwater harvesting.

So, does the exquisite apartments and luxurious facilities complete the project?

Precisely, No! We cannot overlook the location of this real estate Kolkata project, whereby the apartments are resting in the lap of nature.

The New Kolkata residential project is entitled to come up with flats adjacent to river Hooghly that will keep you away from the urban scenario. However, that should not give you any anxiety catering to daily traveling to the heart of the city. The project is well connected by rail, road, metro, and river that will take you to your destination without any hindrance. We especially love the presence of a private jetty with ferry services that will carry the New Kolkata residents from New Kolkata and Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineshwar. No other properties in North Kolkata come with this facility (we can bet on that)!

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a 1BHK flat in Serampore with luxurious facilities at an affordable rate, we have presented you with a solution in this write-up. What is your opinion? Will you take the leap to buy an apartment in this region? We bet you'll not regret your decision of buying one. However, if you wish to further learn about the project, browse through the official website of the New Kolkata project and get your hands on the dream apartment.

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