Budget Flats in Serampore Hooghly

Find Low Cost Housing in Kolkata to Book Flats Within 20 Lakhs

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-05-23

The ultimate factor behind any purchasing decision is undoubtedly the cost. Despite the advantages and the benefits that one is entitled to, it is always the price of something that has the most influence. The scenario is not very different in the world of real estate.

While buying residential property cannot be compared to buying products as we do every day, the importance of the price dominates all. People will always have the price element as the final decider of their choice of residential apartments. While we desire perfection in terms of space and design, we also desire the same at a price that fits our budgets. One needs to have a clear idea of the project – the components, the status of the builders, the benefits of residing in the location, etc. with the price being synonymous to their spending capacity. It is this aspect that makes or breaks agreements with builders.

Imagine buying residential flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs. This pricing scheme is known to be amicable among homebuyers, but how does it act as an indicator of quality? One cannot purchase low budget flats in Kolkata without considering all aspect of the project. With Alcove Realty’s upcoming project in Serampore, this same price includes a wide series of advantages to those seeking to invest wisely.

So, homebuyers are then left with one question.

Why be a part of Alcove’s Flats in Serampore, Hooghly?

The first confirmation of quality comes from the name ‘Alcove Realty’. Being one of the top builders in the city, their esteemed status is evident from the projects that they possess. They are also known for infusing international standards of housing into their each of their homes. Through the facilities and amenities that they provide, they strive to elevate the levels of convenience of their residents.

The second is through the project itself.

Located in Grand Trunk Road, Serampore, these flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs are the perfect balance of cost and quality. Spread across 28 acres of land area, this specific project boasts riverside apartments for its residents. Overlooking the Ganges from the apartments, it would be difficult for most to believe that these are low budget flats in Kolkata.

Using the medium of the river for commuting purposes, New Kolkata falls nothing short of a dream residence for the people of Kolkata. Apart from the captivating sights that is offered, there are plenty of features that make New Kolkata a suitable residence.

Features of New Kolkata’s Flats in Kolkata within 15 Lakhs


Perhaps the most vital of the few, the price is set so as to allow all sections of society to have the chance to live an upgraded style of life. Its flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs are set to provide a splendid living experience for those who seek the fusion of cost and value.


Super built-up area: 540 sq. ft. - Rs. 14, 80, 000


A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and toilet along with a balcony.


Super built- up area: 549 sq. ft. - Rs. 14,80,00


A bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and toilet along with a balcony.



With Alcove Realty backing this residential complex, you can be assured of a stellar location in the city. Ensuring that one has easy access to nearby facilities, the strategic positioning of these flats in Serampore, Hooghly, provides residents with the following:


Medical Facilities: Relife Hospital, Disha Eye Hospital, Serampore ESI Hospital

Educational Institutions Serampore College, Government College of Engineering & Textile School, Mahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Vidyalaya

Entertainment Centres: Serampore Big Bazaar, Forum Rangoli, New Kolkata Plaza (on site)


New Kolkata is designed to offer a well-rounded lifestyle. To fulfil the same purpose, the location also provides easy connectivity to several regions of the city. As a result, one can find the several advantages from residing at its flats in Serampore, Hooghly. These are the following:


●    Upcoming Dakshineswar Metro
●    Serampore Railway Station
●    Private jetty for residents over river


Homebuyers will be delighted to know that these flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs have a remarkable selection of amenities that accompanies its apartments. With the top facilities that promote ease and comfort, residents of New Kolkata can find the following:


●    AC home theatre with surround sound system
●    AC indoor playing spaces for children
●    AC indoor games area for pool, table tennis, etc.
●    Modern gym with changing rooms & lockers
●    Well-stacked reading room
●    Hall for multipurpose activities
●    Outdoor children’s play area
●    Calisthenics’ area for workouts
●    Pet park
●    Riverside promenade
●    Landscaped garden and waterbody
●    Outdoor meditation and yoga space

Alcove Realty has yet again created a masterpiece in the city and this project clearly embodies the concept of ‘affordable luxury’ in the city. With these features assisting these flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs, it is evident that New Kolkata is in fact worth the price. Providing unparalleled value to homebuyers, no other residential project comes close to this in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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