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Facts & Myths - Buying flats in Serampore [North Kolkata]

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-07-04

We have witnessed a remarkable change in the real estate Kolkata scenario. The lanes which at one-time effortlessly embraced the traditional charm of the city with old structures and buildings are no longer the same. Today, the same lanes are seen supporting the modern structures with other commercial facilities that have bestowed us with an updated lifestyle.

While South Kolkata is bombarded with such modern structures, we rarely get to witness a lot of modern facilities in North Kolkata. Hence, a question arises owing to the prevailing scenario of North Kolkata.

Is it reasonable to buy flats in North Kolkata?

For most of us, the answer will be 'No'. However, do you know that reality has a different story for you?  Do you know the real estate companies are choosing North Kolkata for coming up with residential projects? Surprised? So were we!

While every region in North Kolkata will not provide us with a sustainable living condition, we have found out that Serampore is one of the fastest developing regions in North Kolkata.

Hence, gear up to come face to face regarding buying flats in Serampore region as we are set to debunk the myths about the same in this write-up.

Buying Flats in Serampore- Myths Busted!

#Myth 1: Buying flats in Serampore, North Kolkata will not provide you with a living condition to complement your lifestyle.

Reality Says: While it is true that owning a flat in Serampore will not provide you with a typical urban environment, the region will bring you closer to nature. Buying flats in Serampore will keep you away from the chaotic urban scenario and keep you amidst the tranquil environment of the region.

The New Kolkata real estate project with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region will provide with such a surrounding. With flats entitled to be constructed adjacent to river Hooghly, experience the true essence of nature in your daily lifestyle with the right blend of modern facilities.

#Myth 2: You'll experience daily traveling issues from Serampore to the heart of the city.

Reality Says: The Serampore region of North Kolkata is precisely well connected by different modes of transportation. Commuting from North Kolkata or Serampore has become easier than before without any hindrance. For example, the New Kolkata project has four-way connectivity by road, rail, river and metro.  This real estate Kolkata project is close to Serampore railway station, Rishra railway station and upcoming Dakshineswar metro link.

As if that’s not enough that the New Kolkata project will provide its residents with jetty and ferry service for a whole new experience. If you intend to travel to Babughat and Dakshineshwar from New Kolkata, experience the private jetty with ferry services which no other residential project will provide you.

#Myth 3: Residential projects in Serampore lack the modern facilities to match your modern lifestyle.

Reality Says: Most of the residential flats in North Kolkata are well equipped with modern facilities that will either update your lifestyle or complement your contemporary form of living. The New Kolkata residential complex with flats in Serampore is a clear winner here. The residential complex comes with facilities that will provide you with a lifestyle of your dreams.

The project consists of facilities like air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground, swimming pool with the poolside deck, outdoor meditation and yoga hall, jogging track and calisthenics workout area, spa and saloon, pet park, hi-tech gym, shower area, kitchen, cafeteria, an activity hall, underground parking area, power backup, DTH service, landscaped garden area, and so on. Moreover, the project is pre-certified by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) that will provide the future residents with a clean, green and sustainable living environment for a healthy tomorrow.

#Myth 4: The design of the flats in this region are quite old-fashioned.

Reality Says: If you are a believer of this concept, then you have an entirely wrong idea about the flats in North Kolkata or Serampore. We will explain this with an example.

The New Kolkata residential project by Alcove has taken a step to provide the future residents with flats which are intricately designed with a structural layout to complement the modern theme of your lifestyle. The project comes with 1,2 and 3BHK apartments which are equipped with large windows to facilitate optimum air circulation and penetration of sunlight. Furthermore, the project will also provide the Ganga facing flats in Kolkata which are gripping in itself. These riverside flats in Kolkata will provide the residents with a beautiful scenic beauty right out of their window, thereby enabling them to enjoy the true essence of early morning tea by the majestic Ganges.

#Myth 5: The riverside flats in Serampore, North Kolkata are exorbitantly priced!

Reality Says: Good News!

In North Kolkata or precisely in Serampore, expect to get a riverside apartment with luxurious specifications at an unbeatable price range to suit your budget. While it is quite natural to think the price of flats facing the majestic Ganges to be expensive, the flats in Serampore have turned the tables. For example, the New Kolkata Ganga facing flats in Serampore are extremely cost-effective which are exquisitely designed to promote your lifestyle. Moreover, the project consists of 1,2 and 3BHK flats ranging from 14.3 lakhs to 30 lakhs to suit the budget of individuals belonging to the middle class or upper-middle-class section.

Thus, the above-outlined points by now should clear out the myths regarding buying flats in Serampore or North Kolkata. It turns out that buying flats in Serampore is full of benefits which until now was a mystery for most of us. Hence, if buying a new apartment is on your mind within an affordable range, take the wise decision to invest in a residential projects in North Kolkata like the New Kolkata project to treat yourself with irresistible facilities with nature by your side.

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