Kolkata Riverside Apartments

Construction Company in Kolkata Offering Riverside Apartments

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-11-29

Not every construction company in Kolkata will be able to provide you with riverside apartments. It requires a certain amount of proficiency, dedication, innovation, and the power to recognize the needs of potential buyers. However, with the presence of Alcove Realty, the city has witnessed some of the most iconic structures which have redefined the charm of the city. And now, they are aiming to provide the potential buyers with riverside apartments within a price range which is quite unbelievable.

What is the Name of the Project?

We bet this is your next question and it is rational to ask this question as very rare real estate brands can provide the same. However, Alcove Realty, being one of the most renowned construction brands in Kolkata (owing to the expert hands of Sri Amar Nath Shroff), has actualized this concept.

New Kolkata

Step inside New Kolkata residential project with flats overlooking the holy Ganges to provide you a lifestyle amidst the serene environment of nature. Trust us when we say the project is one of its own kind.  It is a piece of art in itself with flawless features in terms of connectivity, location, apartment specifications, and the likes. 



However, we found ourselves falling for the riverside apartments under the New Kolkata. The riverside flats in Serampore is precisely what you need to elevate your form of living. Of course, there are other attributes which are required as well to upgrade your standard of living but one cannot overlook the apartments.


Apartment Type

Size Variation

Apartment Specification

Apartment Price

Riverside Apartments/Ganga Facing Apartments

1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK apartments

These flats in Serampore are:


1) overlooking the majestic Ganges


2) infused with elegance at every corner to provide

3) you the quintessential taste of luxury


4) spacious with large windows in every room, thereby facilitating the entrance of natural light and air

In spite of such luxurious features, the apartments come within a price range which is unbeatable. The apartments come within a price range of 14.8 lakhs to 27.3 lakhs to suit the budget of various individuals.


Hence, come and check out New Kolkata riverside apartments to gift yourself a riverside living which was a dream until now.

But Wait! We have More to Offer!

Not just in terms of apartments, the project is equally classy in terms of facilities and amenities. And the best part lies in the fact that it has something or the other for individuals catering to every age group. In other words, a luxurious residential project is futile without the presence of modern facilities and amenities and Alcove Realty understands this concept quite well.

To name a few, the project consists of:

●    swimming pool with poolside deck
●    well-furnished reading room
●    presence of Ganga Ghat and temple
●    an outdoor meditation and yoga hall
●    Hi-tech multi-gym
●    stage for puja
●    jogging track and walkways
●    calisthenics' workout area
●    AC indoor game arena
●    an outdoor amphitheater for cultural programmes and much more

Getting Excited? Wondering What Else Makes it Unique?

The Connectivity!


One cannot overlook this feature except a fool. While North Kolkata or greater Kolkata is known for its poor commute options, New Kolkata is breaking this stereotype. These flats in Serampore comes with four-way connectivity- rail,  road, river, and metro. The concept of providing private jetty with ferry services attracted us the most. It is specially designed for the residents for New Kolkata and will ply from Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineswar.

Not every construction company in Kolkata is this proficient, right?

Alcove Realty-New Kolkata

Alcove Realty is changing the facade of the city and giving it a makeover in a true sense. While every project may not meet all your requirements, we feel New Kolkata with riverside apartments will provide you with a lifestyle which was a dream until now.

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