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Buy Affordable Flats in Serampore, Hooghly’s Riverside Project

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-09-25

One of the reasons people love to hike and travel is because they are able to wander into the mountains and fields to interact with nature. It dissolves their built up stress and helps them to regain a sense of calm. In fact, most of us feel a sense of peace when we are closer to nature; whether its by the seaside or the beautiful hills. 

The growing cities and the increasing needs of humans are reducing the number of green spaces we have in the world, thereby making apartments or flats close to nature a special commodity. The New Kolkata Riverside project provides its owners the opportunity to experience this peace everyday. Built overlooking the beautiful Ganga, the project offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK flats in Serampore. The residents of the New Kolkata Riverside project can wake up to the beautiful river view or the green trees of the township. Either way you will be surrounded by nature. 

What are you searching for?


If you are searching for a 1 BHK flat in Serampore, then you will find all your requirements met with the New Kolkata Riverside Project. The 1 BHK flats of this property are comparatively spacious and airy compared to the stuffy interiors of other 1 BHK flats found in Kolkata. These flats feature a carpet area of 318 sq.ft and an additional 26.3 sq.ft. with a super built-up area of 549 sq.ft

The 2 BHK flat in Serampore, Hooghly are beautiful investments for individuals and families alike. They have been made with the comfort and needs of its owners in mind and so have a great layout and pan. The super builtup area of these flats are 884 sq.ft with a carpets area of 533 sq.ft. which makes them ideal for the needs of a growing family or an individual who enjoys space.

If 3 BHK Flats in Serampore fit your needs than the New Kolkata Riverside Project  is the best choice for you. These flats are a unique blend of modern architecture and comfortable living. Made for people who despise small spaces and love the freedom of large rooms, these flats guarantee a life which is luxurious when it comes to space. The super built up area of these flats are 1040 sq.ft. while the carpet area is 645 sq.ft. 

The Unique Features of the New Kolkata Riverside Project

New Kolkata riverside flats

Apart from the amazing views and the wonderfully large apartments, the New Kolkata Riverside Project has many other feature and facilities on offer. Even though the project has been built in the greater Kolkata area it has unparalleled connectivity. It is connected by rail, road, metro, and river. Yes, river! The New Kolkata township features its very own jetty with ferry services to ensure that its residents can make it back home quicker as compared to their counterparts who have to travel by car and face traffic.

As nature is an obviously important characteristic to the project, the developers - Alcove Realty has taken measures to ensure that the township don't contribute to the pollution in the area. It is a Green building as approved by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This means that this township will

●    Have improved consumption of water and electricity which does not tax resources
●    Better sanitization to improve the quality of life
●    Better fuel savings as its residents will have benefits which will reduce wasteful fuel usage
●    Eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting, solar panel powered rooms, sewage treatment plant and other such features

How it gets better?

The New Kolkata Riverside Project also features a number of amenities which will give their owners the benefits of city life without any of its pitfalls.

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●    It has a pool with a poolside deck along with a pool for children, ensuring that everyone gets to have fun.
●    A hi-tech multi-gym with changing rooms and lockers so that homeowners don't have to leave the comfort of the township for the purpose of exercising.
●    An AC Home Theatre hall with surround sound with seating for upto 75 people.
●    An indoor games room with pool, table tennis, carrom, chess, squash court and badminton court. 
●    An indoor AC room for kids and toddlers. 
●    An amphitheatre to hold function and festivities in when the holiday seasons come around.
●    A children’s play area with swings and a slide.
●    A calisthenics workout area for the elderly and middle aged to keep the joints in tip-top condition.
●    It is close to the other necessities of life such as a bank, ATM, school, restaurants, Pharmacy, Spa and others.

Whether you invest in a 3 BHK Flat or 1 BHK flat in Serampore in the New Kolkata project, you will be living the dream life you have always wanted.

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