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Book Low Budget Flats in Serampore within 25 Lakhs

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-05-26

As South Kolkata adapts to the modern construction, the lanes of North Kolkata reflects antiquity. The settlements in North Kolkata are testament to the ancient cultural heritage of this city that has stood the test of time. Recently, this segment of the city has witnessed infrastructural development. Of these, many are housing projects offering affordable flats within 30 lakhs.

As we navigated our way through some of these new sites, we were impressed by some of the cost-effective programmes. The upcoming project in the Hooghly area, Serampore to be specific deserves a special mention. This project by Alcove Realty provides affordable housing and Ganga facing flats in North Kolkata to consumers who budget is at most 30 lakhs.

Given that we continue to operate in an economy with soaring costs, an investment like this on a necessity seems optimum. Besides its basic provisions, what stood out most to us was the incorporation of additional facilities that will enhance the quality of the current lifestyle of the potential residents. Therefore, it is worthwhile to grab your favourite beverage and read the blog at ease to acquire more information about the New housing project in North Kolkata.

Introducing one to the New City - The New Kolkata

This upcoming project seems to the talk of the town, the most discussed upcoming property. Due to this, it is reasonable to question why? It has some of the most unique features that are not found in other comparable projects. This construction adjacent to the Hooghly river comprises of 5000 flats within 30 lakhs. Its placement in a serene environment will allow the future residents to detach from the regular hustle and bustle of a cite lifestyle with Ganga facing flats in North Kolkata. Additionally, the projects strategic location adjacent to the metro, river and rail simplifies commuting.

The residents whose flats face the water body can be assured to be rejuvenated by the tranquillity the scenic view offers. The housing project prioritizes sustainability and strives to foster eco-friendly living among its potential residents. They hope for their tie up with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) will educate the residents about the essentiality of living in a lushly green and healthy neighbourhood. These provisions assist in detaching from the pollutants an city has to offer and in turn provides clean air to be inhaled. Indeed, these positives cannot be negated when such luxurious flats can be obtained at an appealing price of approximately 25 lakhs.

Besides the factors that have been formerly mentioned, the other factors that will lead you to reconsider your outlook include:

Get Acquainted with Features of 2 – 3 BHK Flats in Serampore

# Benefit from the excitement that accompanies when the resident can avail from the private jetty with ferry services.

# The provisions of a communal air-conditioned indoor game space will allow the children.

# Take advantage of the swimming pool and the poolside deck to de-stress oneself.

# Indulge in some acclaimed literature in a room designated for reading.

# Be sure to prioritize fitness and mental health with the presence of a an outdoor meditation and yoga space. There is also a jogging track in the calisthenics workout area.

# Self-pampering will not be pushed to a back bench with the existence of both a spa and saloon.

The new city also comes with its own:

Home Theatre

Administration hall along with a banquet hall with all the provisions.

Diagnostic centre with doctor's chamber.

Pharmacy along with world class amenities.

Hi-tech gym

Shower area

Kitchen and cafeteria

Apart from that, other significant amenities include an underground parking area, power backup, DTH service, landscaped garden area and a riverside promenade.

Therefore, the New Kolkata housing project is equipped to provide individuals with flats in Serampore location of varying sizes (1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK) and magnificent facilities all within an inexpensive limit of 30 lakhs. Hence, if anyone is looking for affordable flats within 30 lakhs, booking a dream apartment is not unheard of. Be sure to be prompt so that it slips does not out of hand. One can also check their official website to obtain a more comprehensive idea about the housing project.

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