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Best Location to Avail Your Dream Flats Within 20 Lakhs

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-07-18

What do you understand by the term "best location" when it comes to buying flats in Kolkata? The best location should essentially come with features like good surrounding, easy connectivity and commercial facilities that will meet your daily requirements.

So, have you come across any such location that will provide you flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs? Well, Kolkata is a city that is divided into south, north and central parts. Furthermore, each of these sections consists of several regions that can provide you with your dream abode. But flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs in these regions? That a challenge, right? Not anymore if you check out the residential projects in greater Kolkata or the outskirt regions. However, will the residential projects in greater Kolkata tune in well with the modern theme of your lifestyle? Let us find out the answer in this blog with a revolutionary residential project by Alcove Realty.

New Kolkata- Low Cost Housing at the Best Location


Alcove Realty has always worked to give to the City of Joy a new look, a new feel. This time, Alcove has tapped on Serampore, Hooghly region to come with a revolutionary residential project. To be more precise, it is a township in itself with an entire range of facilities and amenities in Serampore on the bank of river Hooghly.

With riverside flats in Serampore, Hooghly region this upcoming riverside project is offering you to witness the blissful view of Ganga and contemporary features.

Not only that, but also New Kolkata has got the title Low Cost Housing.


Apartments- Light on Your Pocket. Brightening Your Lifestyle!

If you are looking for flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs, consider yourself sorted with New Kolkata. With 1BHK apartments starting at 14.85 lakhs, treat yourself with an abode which you can call "home sweet home" without a second thought. Here's why we feel so!

●    Though a low-cost housing in Kolkata, the apartments look extremely premium compared to the price point. 

●    They are aesthetically designed with elegance at oozing at every corner.

●    Shunning the conventional cubicle layout, these flats in Serampore, Hooghly is spacious, thereby enabling one to lead his/her days comfortably. 

●    The project will provide 1, 2 and 3BHK apartments within a price range of 14.85 lakhs to 28.3 lakhs

However, since here, we are mainly talking about apartments within 20 lakhs, you must check out the 1BHK flats. Unlike other 1BHK apartments, the ones under New Kolkata are spacious. They will provide you with 1 bedroom, 1 balcony, 2 bathrooms (one for urinal and other for shower) and 1 kitchen. It is perfect for a single person or a small family of two members that will provide them a cozy space in the lap of nature. What's more? The project will also provide you with Ganga facing flats in Kolkata with an incredible view to soothe your senses. What else can you ask for from such an abode? It's a treat!


New Kolkata is set amidst a tranquil environment, thereby wrapping you up in a milieu away from the typical urban chaos. Here's why the location deserves all the good words.

●    Though away from the heart of the city, New Kolkata is well-connected by different modes of transportation. 

●    One of its own kind, the project is connected by rail, road, metro, and river.

●    While the first three are common forms of transportation, the presence of private jetty with ferry service sets the project apart. A unique feature, New Kolkata residents will get the rare chance to travel by water while the rest of the city will travel on wheels.

Amenities & Facilities- It’s all Here!

Apart from features like Ganga facing flats in Kolkata and great location, New Kolkata will provide you with an excellent set facilities and amenities, thereby making your investment worthwhile. These facilities and amenities will add an edge to your living standards, thereby eliminating the need to go out. Furthermore, this low-cost housing in Kolkata comes with features that have been curated for individuals catering to every age group.

Treat yourself with features like:

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground 

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall 

●    A swimming pool with the poolside deck  

●    A reading room

●    Jogging track and calisthenics workout area

●    Spa and saloon 

●    A home theatre

●    Diagnostic center with doctor's chamber 

●    Pharmacy along with world-class amenities

●    Kitchen and cafeteria, etc.


New Kolkata is not just about comfort and style, it’s also about providing future residents a sustainable environment. A project pre-certified by IGBC, these flats in Serampore, Hooghly region embraces a eco-friendly measures to provide the residents a healthy habitat to live in.


Of course, New Kolkata is the ultimate destination for flats in Kolkata within 20 lakhs set in a great location. It nestles the best of Serampore backed by modern apartments and features, thereby providing you a lifestyle defined by the essence of happiness.

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