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Avail Your Budget Flats in Kolkata Within 30 Lakhs [Book Now]

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-07-04

Kolkata has become a city that blends vintage culture with modernity, It was once considered as the great dame of the colonial empire. The capital of Bengal has an extensive history of monarchical and administrative law that testifies to the social-political upheavals in the past. In addition, the city is also known as India's cultural capital. Known for its diversity, the city never fails to celebrate its diversity. Be it Durga Puja, Ramzan Or Christmas, the city unites one and all, thereby compelling them to be culturally active.

In conjunction, its own architectural excellence is the highlight of the city. The architectural style of Kolkata is a subtle mixture between colonial style and vintage décor. In recent times, people have witnessed the city's development of infrastructural and industrial amenities that add to a contemporary lifestyle. Having said that, Kolkata has taken giant strides in the development of real estate industries. The city is full of upcoming residencies, with architects and developers at their heart. These ultra-modern assets change the city's skyline and offer the best living experiences. Moreover, the development of a wide array of low budget flats in Kolkata leads to a serious competitive fight between real estate companies. With these sequences of alternatives, it becomes hard to purchase a property that meets our needs at an affordable rate.

Subject to this, if you are looking for low budget flats in Kolkata or in the vicinity of Kolkata, Alcove Realty brings to you a project worth the investment. The New Kolkata at Serampore Hooghly offers you your dream residence within 30 lacs.

Yes, you heard us right!

One of Alcove Realty's most enthralling properties with a sequence of luxury riverside apartments which no other realtor offers in North Kolkata. These flats in Serampore, Hooghly offers you all modern amenities and facilities in an unsurpassed price range.

So, What Makes New Kolkata Out of the Ordinary?

If you wish to experience the essence of nature in close to your place, then have a look at New Kolkata- a property that brings you close to nature. The residence is being constructed near the Hooghly River, bringing the residents of the New Kolkata to the countryside. Promising to be the tallest in Hooghly, the project assures a blend of natural and luxurious elements for a dream living.

The flats in Serampore, Hooghly promises to keep you away from the mayhem yet keeping you connected to the commercialization of the city. It bears several transport alternatives such as roads,rail, subway and river.

New Kolkata will accommodate you in Hooghly, with 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Although these are low- budget flats in Kolkata, yet they look nothing like that.These apartments have been carefully intended to fit your contemporary living space with an elegant design. These apartments are very big, making it easy for natural light to penetrate. To boot, these apartments are set on the edge of river Ganges making them riverside apartments. Residing on the edge of the Ganges, it offers personal ferry service which makes it easy for the residents to travel by river. Be it Barrackpore, Sodepore or Dhakshineshwar, travelling by jetty with ferry service makes travelling easy and short.

By virtue of fact these Riverside Apartment offers 1,2 and 3 BHK flats priced from 14.8 lakhs to 27.3 lakhs.






Super built-up: 540sq.ft. / 549sq.ft.


Built-up area: 405sq.ft. / 412sq.ft.


Carpet area: 318/309 sq.ft.


Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen


2 Bathrooms, 1 for shower and another for urinal


1 Bedroom



2 Balconies



Super built-up: 884sq.ft.


Built-up area: 663sq.ft.


Carpet area: 533sq.ft.


Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen


2 Bathrooms with shower & urinal


2 Bedrooms


1 Balcony



Super built-up: 1040sq.ft.


Built-up area: 780sq.ft.


Carpet area: 645sq.ft.


Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen


2 Bathrooms with shower & urinal


3 Bedroom


1 Balcony



That’s not all! The riverside apartments come with top rated amenities that makes your living comfortable and easy.

Rounded Amenities

In addition to providing a well-rounded home, the riverside apartment will create a variety of great experiences in New Kolkata with flats in Serampore, Hooghly. There are many amenities and facilities included in the project which will provide a congenial way to serve with residents.

●    A Hall for Multipurpose activities like Karaoke, Dance Classes.
●    Dedicated kitchen and Cafeteria, with sitting capacity of 50 people.
●    Snacks corner
●    Pet Park
●    Riverside Promenade including Ghat
●    Private Jetty & ferry service
●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground
●    Swimming pool with the poolside deck
●    Well-furnished reading room
●    Temple
●    Calisthenics’ workout area

Locational Benefits

Connectivity is experienced in three forms: highway, train and river. There are also 4-way links to the proposed Dakshineswar metro on your map. In addition, while most of the globe is on the tracks, the people of New Kolkata are ready to navigate with their own private jetties at their required places. The ships will travel without reluctance from New Kolkata, Serampore to Barrackpore, Babughat and Dakshineshwar.

There are nearby educational facilities, healthcare centers and recreation enterprises. New Kolkata, flats in Serampore, Hooghly provides the following services you can dream of.

●    Educational Institutions - Mahesh Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Vidyalaya, DPS North, Serampore College.
●    Business Centre - Park Street, New Town CBD, Serampore Court.
●    Recreational Enterprise - New Kolkata Plaza, Big bazar, City Centre.
●    Healthcare Centers - Disha Eye Hospital, Serampore ESI Hospital.

So, are you convinced now? Invest on a property like New kolkata That gives you low budget flats in Kolkata, Hooghly. Wonderfully designed and furbished flats that would upgrade your living within 30 Lacs. In case you are concerned about the status of the project, HIRA Registration NO: HIRA / P / HOO/2018/000020 has been received to assure a secure future for the residents.

Buy a residence which leads straight into nature's lap.

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