Budget Flats in Serampore Hooghly

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-03-02

Coming back to your home after a long day of work is possibly the best feeling in the world. It often becomes quite strenuous to find the correct flat that better suits your budget and matches up to your requirements for amenities. Flats prices in Kolkata can sometimes weigh quite heavy on your pocket when looking for something a little more top tier. What if we say we can make this feeling even better with these simple questions about why you should definitely buy a flat in and around the city of joy, Kolkata!

How can we get a contemporary flat in New Kolkata under affordable budget?

With flat price in Kolkata Serampore starting at just 14.30 lakhs, you can now be the proud owner of a beautiful flat that overlooks the symbolic River Hooghly in Serampore district. All you need to do is be a part of New Kolkata.

Exactly what perks are we settling in for in New Kolkata?

Apart from waking up to a mesmerizing view straight out of your bedroom window, these Flats in Kolkata offers your very own personal jetty. That’s not all.

New Kolkata Alcove is everything your dreams were made off with Infinity pool, children parks, shopping mall, multiplex, pet parks, theatre and eateries on the river banks - made exclusively available to you.

What does it feel like to own a flat overlooking the mighty Ganges?

A serene gate away that you can call home- owning one of these conventional flats savors more than just your aesthetic value. Serampore connected to the main city via rail and road allows you easy transport while you bask in the beauty of Kolkata, sans the oblivious hustle bustles of the city life.

Does community really affect your way of lifestyle?

A community makes or breaks you as a person. A community supportive of you acts as an aid to hard times, boosts your morale during tough ones and heightens your holiday spirit during festive seasons, surrounded by equally thrilling people who share your happiness. At this Alcove, you get all of this and maybe some more!

Can we get treated like a royalty in one of the most economical cities in India?

Flats in Kolkata are often affordable owing to the fact that New Kolkata doles out the best breath taking apartments at the most deal breaking price.

The fact that Serampore juggles scenic beauty with a wide array of easy access commutation to the main city makes owning a flat in Serampore a brilliant choice. Plus, you get your own ferry service to and fro which makes the deal sweeter.