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10 Things to Check before Buying Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-04-04

Are you checking out new flats in Kolkata? Or have you already found one? Before you jump into purchasing a new property for yourself, let us tell you buying a new flat is considered to be one of the biggest financial decisions. We tend to invest a lump sum amount for buying a new property as we tend to match it with our dream house. While Kolkata is coming up with a plethora of new flats in Serampore Hooghly area, you as a buyer must consider few points before buying a new flat in Kolkata. Hence, in this blog we will highlight those key points that will help you get hold of the best apartment in Kolkata.


Checklist for buying New Flats in Kolkata

Fix Your Budget: Before you start checking out new flats in Kolkata, make sure that you have taken a step to fix your budget for the new investment. This way, it will become simpler for you to shortlist the right property within your fixed budget and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Check the Carpet Area: Make sure to check the actual carpet area of the flat before you book one. The super built-up area which is generally mentioned in the brochures includes staircase, lobby, the thickness of the walls, elevator space, etc. This makes the actual carpet area of the flat almost 30% less than the super built-up area. For example, if you are checking out flats in Serampore Hooghly, a 2BHK 1,000 square feet flat can actually turn out to be 700-750 square feet in reality. Hence, it is advisable to always check the actual carpet area enclosed within the walls.

Legal Status of the Property: Before buying a flat, here are the few things you must check to ensure the property is legally authorized.

  • The developer is entitled to have approvals and the NOCs from the Municipal Corporation, Area development authorities, electricity board and water supply and sewerage board.

  • Check the Title Deed that will specify whether the builder has any right over the property.

  • Check the release certificate in case you are buying the property for resale. In such case, the property is generally pledged to get a bank loan. Hence, you will have to get hold of the release certificate from the bank which in turn will prove that the loan on the land has been repaid.

  • Check the encumbrance certificate to confirm that the land is free from all the legal dues.

  • Make sure that the entire property has been approved by the Development Corporation and local body of the city.

  • Again, if you are buying the property for resale, do not hesitate to ask the seller for the previous property tax receipts along with other bills.

List of Banks Financing the Project: Nowadays, banks have become suspicious when it comes to financing any real estate project. This is because most of the companies happen to sit on unsold inventory and have less cash to complete their project. Hence, before buying new flats in Kolkata, make sure you are fully aware of the banks which are financing the project. This way you'll also get an idea about the reputation of the real estate company as the banks generally tie up with the best ones in the market. You can also choose the bank that will offer you a loan at the lowest rate.

Choose the trusted Realtor: While checking out new flats in Kolkata, it is always recommended to perform an extensive research about the builder. Consider checking their past or current projects for getting a clear idea about their history. In case, you still happen to remain confused about the builder, go ahead and post queries on various online real estate forums.

Infrastructure Plans: While buying a new flat, do not forget to check the surrounding area where you will settle down in future. It is highly recommended to check the facilities like getting most of the luxury apartment specification, physical infrastructure, and the ease of reaching the basic important places. Such factors will ensure that you get to stay in your dream apartment peacefully. For example, the New Kolkata project operating under Alcove Realty has some of the most luxurious facilities backed by a beautiful surrounding so that the residents can spend safe and peaceful days.

Register your Plot: Once you are sure about the property you want to buy, make sure to register the same with concerned authority so that you can become the lawful owner of the property. By registering the sale deed, a person gets the ability to acquire the rights to the property from the date of fulfilling the deed.

Calculate the Total Cost: Many a time, the broker will mention the basic cost of the flat and knock out other factors like parking/club/statutory charges, internal/external development fees, GST, home loan processing fee, registration charges and stamp duty altogether. Such factors will escalate the price of the property in concern. Hence, ask for the final cost of the property.

Choose the Right Payment Plan: There are multiple payment options available in the market. Such payment options include down-payment plan, flexi-payment plan, construction-linked plan and possession-linked plan. Hence, choose the right payment option so that it proves to be the best for you and you get to make your payment on time.

Builder-Buyer Agreement: In the course of checking flats in Kolkata, when finally you select a flat of your choice, you can book the same by a token amount. The builder is entitled to provide you with an allotment letter for the same. This leads to the entry of a tripartite agreement between the buyer, the bank and the builder for the rest of the amount. Make sure to read and understand the agreement clearly before signing it.


Why you should check out New Kolkata Project?

While checking out flats in Kolkata, consider checking out the New Kolkata project that is being handled by the Alcove Realty. It is one of the best project among all the flats in Serampore Hooghly area. In this project, there are almost 5000 flats in Serampore Hooghly. The New Kolkata project is considered to provide with a separate township that will provide the residents with some unparalleled facilities.

The project will provide with the best architecture with all the luxury apartment specification. It will also provide the buyers a safe and secured area to reside. One will be able to get a magnificent view of River Ganga from his/her window owing to the Ganga facing apartments. Plus, to make your stay more exciting, Alcove Realty has come for the first time with the idea to provide cross-river commute to the residents of New Kolkata by making use of the ferry & jetty service.

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